We Help Nonprofits

We are a Nonprofit dedicated to helping other Nonprofits the two things they need the most: 

Donations & Awareness  

We use the most famous Billboards on the most famous intersection in the world to do it:

Times Square, New York City

We Play Images Uploaded By Your Donors On Times Square Billboards

When Someone Donates To Your Cause They Also Upload An Image They Want Shared

We Put Their Image On A Billboard in Times Square

We Send The Donor A Photo When The Billboard Is Live

Give Your Donors Something to Brag About


Oh ya, and did we mention it's all FREE?

Free Billboard Space in Times Square

Make your message larger than life on the corner aptly named "The Intersection of the World" (500K daily foot traffic)

Over $150,000 in Donations in Just One Day

Give your prospective donors a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will get them to happily take out their wallets.

Over 1,000,000 Social Impressions

Create something so viral that people will be beyond eager to share with their social followings.

"Without a doubt, this was the best thing I've ever done for my Nonprofit and it didn't cost me a penny."
Georgienne Bradley, Sea Save Organization

Your Message Is Shared With Every Donation

Social Media Makes You Go Viral...

"This is the most engagement I've ever received on a post!" - TheJasonGoldberg
"I had about 1,00 people ask how they could be on here too!" - Troyble84

When people share their photos of themselves on a Times Square Billboard, they are also sharing awareness to your cause and a call to action to get more people to donate.   

You can take over social media by getting tens of thousands of people posting about your cause all at the same time.    

"I was famous for a day and got to help out a great cause!" - PeggyEats

Because who wouldn't want to be
on a Times Square Billboard?!?

Space Is Limited,
So Reserve Your Spot Now!

We only have a few remaining spots for this year’s programs. 

Being involved in the program has ZERO cost and ZERO financial commitments for Nonprofits, so you have nothing to risk and a whole lot to gain.  

100% Partnership Satisfaction

"The amount of press we generated through this campaign was unbelievable. Definitely be a staple in our annual fundraising moving forward."
Megan Croft
Girl Scouts of America
Public Relations
"We more than doubled my Instagram followers in the span of a month. It's nice to see a non-profit dedicated to helping other non-profits."
Carmen Callahan
Neighborhood Playhouse
Executive Director
"This idea is absolutely brilliant! I'm always skeptical when I see "FREE" but these guys really do just want to help Non-profits and help they did! "
Trey Brown

Get In Touch

Do you have a question or want to do something cool with us in Times Square?
Drop us a line! We love to collaborate with like-minded people.

Our Mission:

We are a group of New York City marketing professionals who believe that the work that we do should reflect our Core Values.

We started this Nonprofit because we think Billboard advertising can be more than just skinny models selling you things you don’t need and can’t afford.  

We want Nonprofits and their donors to be able to use iconic Billboards to help spread messages that are good for humanity and this planet.  

We took the highest trafficked intersections in the world and created a platform that lets everyday people upload photos for the world to see, larger than life. Our goal is to reward people who take a stand on important causes and help make this world a better place. This is only the beginning of what we have planned…

75 Rockefeller Plaza, 42 Floor, New York, NY
(646) 260 - 2364

Charity Share Time Square is a registered 501(c) Non-profit.
TIN Number 83-3925099